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Gabe Brooks Guitar Lessons

Gabriel began his path into music at the age of seven and picked up his first guitar two years later. Early in life he became comfortable on a multitude of instruments from strings to brass to percussion.

Growing up here in Washington state Gabe found his way into every school music program he could access while also pursuing his music education on his own terms.

Gabriel has been a part of the Seattle music scene for several years. In his primary act, the Mukilteo based, progressive metal group Esoson, he plays guitar and is the chief composer and arranger for the group. He also filled the role of drummer and co-composer beside Max Walker of the Seattle local jazz/hip-hop group Cavalerie.

His work is also showcased through his guitar centric, metal jazz fusion compositions under his own name. Gabe has played in many Seattle venues such as PONCHO Concert Hall, El Corazon, Studio 7, and Tony V’s Garage.

In 2011 Gabe participated in a competitive drum and bugle corps, The Oregon Crusaders, where he toured the United States that culminated in a second place finish among the best groups internationally.

On top of his playing, Gabe is a working audio engineer who has worked with many west coast musicians primarily as a recording and mixing engineer.