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Group Music Lessons

Group music lessons for kids ages 3 ½ - 7 starting the week of October 1st.

Group Music ​Classes
for kids ages: 3 ½ - 7
Starts October 1st.

Group music lessons run for 12 weeks, October 4-December 22.

Give your child the opportunity to learn music in a fun, energetic setting in our new group music class starting October 4th. Songs with contrasting tones, moods, meters, and tonalities will be featured in every class. Be prepared to be interactive! Dancing, singing, jumping, and improvisation will be involved each week. Lots of movement will be included to help the kids feel the beat and learn spacial awareness during their formative years.

We will play simple instruments, learn song construction, and introduce ear training, all while including lots of laughter and experiencing the pure joy of music. This twelve week program will wrap up December 21, with a parent presentation to finish the course off.

Group Music Lesson

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Meet Your Music Teacher

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Bridget Corrigan is a violin instructor with considerable experience teaching group lessons for students of all ages in the Seattle area. She specializes in the Suzuki method, fiddling, ear training, preschool music, and arranging any song her student wants to learn.

Her previous work history includes being the primary violin instructor at the Louisiana Academy of Performing arts, music mentoring at the Community Day Charter School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, leading sectionals in the Northshore Youth Symphony Orchestra, and teaching privately throughout the greater New England and New Orleans area.

She has had over fifteen years of professional performance experience, including weddings, performances with a string quartet, and playing with numerous orchestras including the New England Conservatory, Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Northshore Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra.

Group Lessons

While private music lessons provide students with one-on-one training that can help them develop key skills, there are some benefits to enrolling your child in group lessons.

Group lessons cost less than private lessons, and this is one of the most important factors for some parents. Our group music lesson can cost $22 per hour while the average music private lesson charge is $90. Our excellent private lessons are only $54.00.

Aside from the economic benefits, some students respond well to a group setting. Group lessons give children the ability to develop socially by making new friends. It can also give them other people to collaborate with and learn from.

Seeing their peers play can be a great motivator for students, too. Being around kids with different strengths can help your child inherit their desire and talent.

Some children practice diligently and more responsibly when they know they will be demonstrating in a group setting,

As a child grows older, taking orchestra or band classes at school provides benefits all their own. Listening to instruments different from the ones your child plays will give them a completely different understanding of their own instrument. Also, working in a band or choir can teach your child a valuable lesson in teamwork, especially if they aren’t involved in any other extracurricular activities.

What’s Better?

It all depends on your child. We recommend starting with private lessons. After your child has taken a few private lessons, you both can determine what they want to get out of music. But private or group lessons are totally your call.

If your child is  just pursuing music as a fun hobby, a group lesson can create an environment that has less pressure. Your child can get the social aspect and basic skills needed without things getting too serious, which may cause them lose interest in playing an instrument completely.

If your child has a real talent for music, our private lessons are recommended. It can be difficult to grasp fundamental skills in a group setting, but our personalized coaching creates an environment best suited for serious improvement.

Pricing For This 12 Week Course

Early Bird Registration: $240 (ends September 15)

Regular Price: $264 (after early bird expires September 15)