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Piano Lessons

Learn Piano by playing Popular Songs & artists

 Piano Lessons That Are Enjoyable

Piano lessons that feel just right. We know how to do this. We'll match you up with a talented music teacher with whom you feel most comfortable.  They'll know how to make your lessons productive and fun.

 Piano Lessons For Beginners 

Piano Lessons For Beginners: We work to personalize your first lessons to the way you learn best including pace and your style. This is just one way we build confidence and keep it interesting.

Piano lessons for kids, ages 5+

We believe the piano is the perfect instrument for all beginner musicians. It lays the foundation to understand sheet music and music theory, and it makes learning future instruments much easier.

1240 NE 175th Street Shoreline, WA 98155


  • 1/2 Hour $3​8.00
  • 1 Hour $70.00
  • Family Discount 10% off 2nd family member.

Your First Lesson Is Free if Your Instructor Isn't a good fit.

We'll use this time to get a feel for the relationship and see if the instructor-student fit is right for you. If it isn't you can ask for another teacher. Your first lesson with each teacher are free until you find one you like.

Meet Your Piano Lessons Instructor

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Jeong Chi

Piano Lessons, Cello Lessons

Jeong Chi teaches piano lessons and Cello lessons for Shoreline Music School. She is classically trained in cello and piano for thirty years.

Jeong graduated San Jose State University with a Masters degree in Education and she has been an educator for the past eleven years. She teaches at Parkwood Elementary School. She moved to Seattle in 2017. 

"I love to teach, says Jeong, and I can teach everyone to play the piano and the cello. Teaching is my passion." 

Jeong is a member of the Evergreen Community Orchestra. She has played for local string quartets also.