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 Piano Lessons That Are Enjoyable

Piano lessons that feel just right. We know how to do this. We'll match you up with a talented music teacher with whom you feel most comfortable.  They'll know how to make your lessons productive and fun.

 Piano Lessons For Beginners 

Piano Lessons For Beginners: We work to personalize your first lessons to the way you learn best including pace and your style. This is just one way we build confidence and keep it interesting.

Piano lessons for kids, ages 5+

Imagine Learning To Play 2-3 Instruments This Year

We believe the piano is the perfect instrument for all beginner musicians because it lays the foundation  for music  and it makes learning additional instruments much easier and faster.

1240 NE 175th Street Shoreline, WA 98155


  • 1/2 Hour $3​8.00
  • 1 Hour $70.00
  • Family Discount 10% off 2nd family member.
piano lessons, adults, kids, beginners

Your First Lesson Is Free if Your Instructor Isn't a good fit.

We'll use this time to get a feel for the relationship and see if the instructor-student fit is right for you. If it isn't you can ask for another teacher. Your first lesson with each teacher are free until you find one you like.

Meet Your Piano Lessons Instructors

Raisa Asriyants

violin lessons, violin lessons for kids, beginner violin lessons

Violin Lessons, Piano Lessons

Raisa Asriyants earned her Master’s degree in Violin Performance from Western Washington University and graduated with honors. She has performed in Europe and the USA, winning a variety of solo and chamber competitions across both continents.

Raisa has been 1st violin concertmaster in WWU Symphony Orchestra and Northwest Symphony Orchestra. She is active as a soloist and chamber musician, having had recitals across the Pacific Northwest. She teaches private lessons and group classes, freelances with local orchestras in the Seattle area, and plays and records music with a group of folk singers in Seattle and Canada. She also has scored music for full feature films.

Raisa's music interests range from archaic medieval and baroque, to classical, and to contemporary string compositions. As her musical accomplishments are a product of several different music education systems, Raisa possesses a diverse skill set as a strings educator, which gives her students access to the full array of teaching techniques to realize their music potential.

Piano lessons, for beginners, piano lessons for kids & adults

Alexianne Maloy (Alex)

bass guitar lessons, bass lessons, shoreline music school

Piano Lessons, Guitar lessons, Bass Guitar, Ukulele Lessons, Drum Lessons

Alexianne Maloy is a bassist/multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years' experience in the music industry.

After finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, he has moved to Seattle to perform, compose and record a wide variety of music with many of Seattle's local musicians and artists.

He also shares a passion for teaching and passing on the knowledge he has acquired over the years to hopefully inspire a new generation of musicians.

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